advent reading plan & 100 activity ideas for toddlers!

December is by far my favorite month. After I became a mom, I realized how tough it really would be to teach my tiny humans to true meaning of holidays that are so twisted by the world. Jesus is taken out of Christmas and it's easy to get through the holiday season without even thinking about why we are even celebrating. It's so important to me that my kids have fun with the holidays, but still know WHY we are celebrating. I'm not anti-Santa, but I want the nativity to shine brighter than frosty the snowman.

Doing fun Advent activities with my toddlers has been my favorite thing about the holidays the last two years. I'm really looking forward to this year because Jessi will be old enough to really start understanding everything! The two things we focus on is reading through an Advent reading plan through the Jesus storybook bible and fun activities that promote giving, learning and fun!

Enjoy a free printable of the reading plan and a list of 100 activity ideas for your toddlers! 




What do you and your littles do for Advent?? I'd love to hear some things that work great for your kids!