her first haircut

I'm a bit sentimental, so when it came to finally cutting my 3.5 year old's hair, it was hard for me. I had waited so long, and her hair was pretty stringy and just needed a trim so badly. So, I gave in and scheduled her an appointment. She's always a little timid about new things, so I was worried it would be a disaster, but it went surprisingly well! We had a great girls outing and she was begging for days to go back and get another haircut!

Tips for a successful first haircut:

Build it up I talked about it with her the day before and all day before we went. I explained it over and over and got her really excited about it. And make sure they know it's NOT the doctor's office for shots!!

Make it a fun, special outing I took her to Starbucks and made it into a "girls day"! She loved the focused attention and getting to do something out of the ordinary!

Come armed with a treat for your stylist Just in case it IS a disaster, the only taste in your stylists mouth will be the carmel machiato you brought and hopefully they will forget about the screaming 2 year old in their chair!

Schedule you a trim too I knew she would be more likely to get in the chair, if she saw me do it first. I was in major need of a bang trimming, so I went first. She sat in the chair next to me and watched them cut my bangs. This was she could see that it didn't hurt, it wasn't scary and how much fun mommy had!

Take pictures & keep a lock of hair. This is one of those special "firsts" you won't want to forget! Jessi has super straight hair like me, but she did get a bit of curl from daddy also. We chopped off those first baby curls, so I wasn't ready to part with it! On the day of her high school graduation and I'm sobbing through her baby book, I'll have that special lock of hair to remember!

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