#fiftytwopages & #onedayhh recap!

My friend Kendahl just started a series called Fifty Two Pages, and it's a challenge to actually use those pictures that sit in our phone until we get that warning that there is no more space.  Then they are stuck in a folder somewhere on our computers. She's started a weekly link up where you simply post a collage of your week, and then at the end of the year everyone will print a book of their pictures! Brilliant huh? I can't promise I will do great at it, but I will join in when I can! So here goes nothing. Getting a head start for next year now! Last week I joined Hollywood Housewife for her #onedayhh challenge, where you take pictures of all the details of your day. I posted 21 pictures of my day. I'm typically an "overgrammer" anyway, so I was pretty proud I kept it under 30 for this project! I thought this week I would share all of those pics.

Enjoy a look at a typical day for us!