new mom's guide to getting dressed

I was finally getting into the swing of being a mom of three, when my middle turned 2. I was now mommy to a 3 year old, 2 year old and 7 month old. Although I was starting to feel more comfortable in my figurative skin as a mom, I was far from feeling comfortable in my actual skin. I had no energy, and only got dressed when I absolutely HAD to. To get dressed in "normal clothes" wasn't even an option. I was still well over my pre-pregnancy weight, because who really has time to focus on themselves when you have 3 kids ages 3 and under? I was fed up. I had worn my maternity jeans one too many times when I wasn't pregnant. I decided it was time to make a change.

First step: change my eating habits. I made a healthy lifestyle change. NOT easy for me since I typically eat graham crackers and chocolate milk for dinner. Changing my eating and getting more active made a huge difference in the way I felt, and the weight started falling right off!

The next step was my clothes. This was a BIG process. The first thing was to purge my closet. I had basically been pregnant for 4 years, so my clothes consisted of maternity, baggy postpartum stuff, and pre-mom clothes that were WAY too small and didn't fit my new body in the right way anymore. Out went about 90% of my clothes.

Now was time to fit my new mom body. To feel comfortable in my skin and in my clothes. To know that my life is different than it was when I was 24, and most of those outfits I used to wear just don't fit my lifestyle now.

I set out to find what worked for my mom body, and wanted to share my journey with you!

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1. Get rid of the old stuff. Purge that closet, and bid farewell to your old style! You're a mom now, and it's time to embrace that! Maybe some of your old clothes still fit and that's great, but embrace your new lifestyle and get rid of what doesn't work (or may never fit again!)

2. Shop sales and thrift store. Since you are basically starting from scratch, it's all about how far you can stretch your budget. I found a little local thrift store that has REALLY nice, name brand clothing and I get gap jeans for $5-10 a pair. Don't be afraid to shop consignment sales, thrift stores and instagram sales!! Go try on clothes at your favorite store, and then go look on ebay for the same thing! Shop wisely and you'll be able to do more with your wardrobe!

3. Discover your new body type. Figure out your body type and what works for you. Ask for advice! Take a friend shopping with you. Someone that will be honest and help you! Most women don't walk out of the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans and are very self conscious about the after belly. Finding clothes that fit well and don't cling in the wrong places is very important to dressing your new body.

4. Accents. A huge part of dressing your mom body is finding great accents! Scarves, jewelry, cardigans and of course my favorite: BRIGHT LIPS! Anything that will draw the eye away from your belly, thighs, etc. will help you feel more comfortable in your new style.

5. Find some key pieces. Invest in some great quality pieces that you can rotate and wear in many different ways. It's best to have some good quality pieces than a lot of things that will just fall apart.

Some of my favorite pieces:

-Loose fitting sheer tanks. Can be worn in the summer or winter with a sweater. -Blanqi post partum tank, sucks in all the unwanted skin! -Old Navy RockStar Skinny Jeans -Button up shirts (great for nursing, comfortable and hides your belly!)

6. Confidence! Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman.

Enjoy your new body, and embrace what it represents!