dreaming big intentional dreams

I'm a dreamer. The funny thing is, I'm also a planner. I'm such a type-a person and love order, but I also love some flexibility and spontaneity. It doesn't really make sense, huh? Well, I never claimed to be normal. I dream big dreams. I plan big plans. But how do I keep myself from just floating away in the cloud of dreams, and finding intention in what my dreams are?

How can you be an intentional dreamer? 

Set attainable goals. Things you can accomplish yourself. What are some things you want to accomplish? I want to publish a book. That's a great dream to have, but it's not attainable for me alone. It takes a publisher, editor and a lot of factors to come together. But an eBook? That's something I can write and publish myself. Attainable goal.

Don't overdo it. There's nothing worse than a burned out dreamer. Set limits for yourself and what you can actualy do. Can you take on 4 projects at one time? Maybe so! Go for it. Do you struggle to even answer an email and still remember to feed your children dinner? Then maybe you should back off a bit for what you are doing. That doesn't mean throw away your dreams, it just means to be intentional about WHEN things happen. Different seasons of life bring different dreams.

Don't be afraid to dream outside the box. Even though I talked you off the cliff a bit in those last two points, I want to push you back out there a bit. How can you dream outside the box? What stirs your heart? What is something big AND attainable that you can go for? Maybe you've always dreamed of opening a home for women at risk (a dream of mine), but I can't do it in your current season of life. Find somewhere you could serve once a month, or write letters to encourage some women in a home that is doing what you dream of!

The Lord puts specific ideas, dreams and passions in each one of us. For a specific purpose. And maybe sometimes our dreams don't mean what we think they do. Seek Him for what each of those mean. He is the keeper of our dreams and puts His desires in us.


Bless and be blessed.

Take a risk or two.


Dream big.




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