intentionally making a difference {fashionABLE}

My pastor has been doing a series the last few weeks about how God multiplies what we give. This always make a huge impact on my heart. I have the desire to give more, and I struggle with feeling like because I can't give away something BIG that I'm not doing enough. Those are lies that satan wants us to believe so we keep more for ourselves!

But sometimes I feel like just giving away isn't enough. Sometimes just giving someone money or supplies doesn't cut it. Sometimes they need more. There are women all over the world who need to be given hope that they are more than just a object for prostitution. That they are smart, capable and can provide for their family by doing something with their own hands.

Don't you feel so much more proud of what you have when you are able to work hard for it? fashionABLE gives these women that opportunity.

I'm a huge fan of fashionABLE and the mission behind their beautiful scarves. Women in Ethiopia are employed and empowered through the work of creating beautiful scarves. So when we purchase a scarf they are given so much more: HOPE. That's the best gift we can give!!!


 Since Christmas is coming up, why not order a scarf or two for you sisters, girlfriends, moms, even the men in your life! And now is the BEST time to buy, because they are 30% off!