intentionally beautiful

Women are beautiful beings. God created us beautifully, to be a feminine and graceful being. I feel like so many times we discount our beauty though. We see beauty magnified in a different way in the media, in magazines and on tv. We see airbrushed and fake. We compare and are discouraged. God sees us the way He created us. He never created an ugly being. He is a beautiful God and created each of us in His image. He made no mistakes with how He created us. We are not created flawed. Sin flaws us. We are created perfectly by Him and for Him.

But, what is beauty?

Inward beauty - a woman who fears the Lord. Simple as that.

True outward beauty comes only after the inward beauty. Isn't there something so beautiful about a woman who you can just see her love for the Lord radiating off of her? One of the best things I ever hear my husband say to me is "you are so beautiful". Hearing that from him makes my heart soar. I want to feel beautiful, cherished and loved. From the inside out.

And isn't it fun to enjoy the outward beauty that God gives us?

How can we (especially as busy moms) be intentional about our beauty? First, focus on the heart, making it more beautiful every day.

Then comes the outward fun: Finding a few things that we can be intentional about. That make us feel beautiful. That make us feel sexy. That bring our intentional femininity out in us.

These are a few of my favorite beauty items that I'm loving! Some easy things that I can be quickly intentional about making myself feel more beautiful as I face my day!


1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish - I love how quickly this dries! Who has time to actually let their nails dry?

2. Nars Lip Pencil - I'm all for reds and brights. Makes you look "put together" and adds a little fun to even a trip to the park!

3. Exfoliating Facial Scrub - Nothing beats a good face scrubbing!

4. Sephora Lip Gloss - This is my favorite everyday lip gloss!

5. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer - This has always been a favorite of mine. Makes eye shadow vibrant and last all day!

6. Dove Dry Shampoo - Because come on, no one wants to wash their hair every day...or every week!



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