the intentional texter

The invention of the text message was the greatest thing ever. Besides the internet. And electricity. And the hair straightener. And seat warmers. Ok, maybe not the GREATEST, but it ranks up there pretty high in my book. It's quickly become a tool for life, ministry and relationships for me. If I haven't received a text in the last 20-30 minutes, I start getting concerned that something is wrong with my phone. I'm not saying that to brag, not at all. Because I'm REALLY not that cool. I just am intentional about this tool. This amazing tool that connects me so instantly with my people.

I was chatting once with an older mom who's kids are grown, and have kids of their own now. I was asking her how she did life with her friends when her kids were young. You know, before texting and cell phones and blogs and electricity. (Oops, maybe there was electricity.) "It was difficult, we had to be intentional", she told me. That stuck with me.

We have it SO easy now!!! I can instantly get in touch with ALL of my friends and even AT THE SAME TIME! Thanks to group texting, I don't even have to send multiple messages anymore! I have my people, right there at the end of my fingertips. A big piece of my heart is in my fingertips. So much of my heart pours out through them. On the words of this blog, in an email to a reader, in a text message to a friend. I'm so incredibly thankful for this tool we have to so easily encourage each other and be more intentional in our relationships!

I can see where you could argue the other side of this subject also. When you're sitting behind a screen, are you being real? You have time to edit, think about what you will say. So are we really intentional when we are talking to someone through a text message? I think we can be. I sure am. It's how I pour my heart out to so many of my closest friends that I don't get to sit with every day. I'm not talking a surface text message about nothing or a funny joke to a friend, those are fine, but we get real. It's those messages of prayer, support, encouragement and the messy pieces of life that brings our hearts together.

Plus, having friends to get through the tough times of motherhood with REALLY helps! :)



But if you scrolled up, you would see encouragement and prayer. Loads of it.

Oh, but don't you dare ever call me on the phone because that's just awkward! (Am I right!?! It's so weird to talk on the phone these days! Sorry if I've been meaning to call you back for a while and haven't gotten to it. Text me! Wink!)

And also, emojis totally rock my world, so there's that too. 



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