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I was basically pregnant for 4 straight years. When I wasn't pregnant, I was nursing and only had a few months off between the next baby. I was all super cute and fit when we got married, and then I set out to learn to cook ALL THE THINGS and we both packed on the pounds quickly after getting married. So we went on a mega diet and both got super skinny. Then, I got pregnant. Like, really pregnant. So basically over the last 6 years, my weight has been on a roller coaster ride and so have my eating habits. health

November - 9 months after being married and about 15lbs heavier June - 15lbs lighter (and about 30 for hubs)

The only thing that sounded/tasted/smelled good when I was pregnant with my first was fast food. I'm ashamed at the amount of money I supplied to sonic, chick-fil-a and (wait for it) Mcdonalds. YUCK.  I just about broke the scale with that pregnancy. It wasn't pretty. And then I got pregnant again. And again. By pregnancy number three, I was determined to just enjoy it. So I kept the Oreo factories in business.


In June of this year, I stepped on a scale at the doctor's office and was shocked at how high it was. I had NO clothes that fit, and felt completely disgusting, I set out to make a change. After a couple more months of talking myself into doing something, I did.

I'm down 20lbs since June. I have a long journey ahead of me (20 more pounds is my goal!), but I'm on my way to a better me. I want to be more intentional about my health, so my kids can learn healthier habits. But I also want them to see me break the rules and know that life can't be about strict guidelines. I kept finding myself saying "I can't eat that", when I should be saying "I choose not to eat that", and then sometimes choosing the fun stuff!!

I've been slowly replacing my bad eating habits with good ones and removing the bad from our home. Not the easiest for me since I could live on bread, Nutella and sweet tea for the rest of my life. So my meal planning looks a bit more like this and a little less like the package of graham crackers.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.43.47 PM

This is a slow journey and a learning experience for me, but I feel like it will be great for my family and our health in the long run!

How are you intentional in your health for you and your family?



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