intentional compassion

My husband calls me a sucker. When I see those sad commercials with the little African kids who are so sad, I want to empty my wallet (which is usually empty anyway!). I just call it having a soft heart, but I know he loves that I'm a sucker. Having compassion is part of being human, and definitely part of being a follower of Christ. God made us with hearts to serve and love one another. Unfortunately some people just can't seem to access that part of their hearts, so there are a LOT of needs. If you did a quick google search you would find HUNDREDS of organizations that you could help out. I have SO many that I'm drawn to and I love the mission behind. Here are a few of my favorites that you can check out!

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I wanted to give you a few tips on choosing an organization to team up with to serve alongside. I think sometimes people easily jump on board by just seeing a video before they learn the hearts behind the organization!

1. Choose a cause that is important to you. Is there a reason your heart is drawn to the african babies? Or maybe your heart aches for local homeless people? Pray about the direction that God has for you to serve and follow your heart.

2. Don't try to do more than you can take on. I convince myself that because I have more than those children have, that I should give everything away. But the truth is, they typically have just what they need. The common misconception is the sadness in african children. I dare you to take a trip there and you will be proven VERY wrong. Yes, they could use some of our resources, but I can't give TOO much so that my own children suffer.

3. Do some research. How much actually goes to the people you want to help? Some organizations keep way more than you may be comfortable. Make sure you are on board with the way an organization runs before you sign up to be a part.

4. Just do SOMETHING. When it comes down to it, we just all need to do something. From taking a sandwich to the homeless man that stands on the corner by your office building, to taking a trip overseas to serve a hurting community of people. Anyone can do something no matter how big or small.

Go make a difference. Be intentional with the compassion God built into you! 31daysblog


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