the time that #influenceconf wrecked me

Things came full circle for me this year. Last year at Influence I was in a tough place. I was pregnant, my heart was wounded and I was struggling to find my "place". I prayed constantly that God would show me a bit of His plan for me, and would place me right where I belonged. He gave me two words that I began to focus on at the start of 2013. Thrive and intentional. 

Two words that have rocked me to the core. I set out in what I knew might be one of my most exhausting years of motherhood with 3 under 3, and made it a goal to thrive. To not just survive and attempt to get through every day. But really adore and cherish this season in my life. But also, I knew I couldn't do this season alone. So I begged for community. He told me "be intentional".

So I was. Wow, did that ever pay off.

Last year at Influence I walked in and side hugged some people I chatted with on twitter.  This year, I ugly cried in a full embrace with my best friends in the world. 

God showed me that when we are intentional about our lives and loving others, He will bless us to no end. Those two little words He gave me, have changed the course of my life. Thrive is now a ministry for moms that I get to pour my heart and soul into. I have more people around me now than ever before because I became intentional about relationships.

Honestly, I could have had a super tough weekend. As I was at the airport, I got a call from my husband that we were not getting a new job that we had our hearts invested in. We were hoping this was finally a door opening for us after a tough few years, but it felt as if it was slammed again in our faces. I could have been angry, thrown things and allowed my heart to harden. Instead? I have peace knowing God will take care of us and we are exactly where we need to be.

Jess Thompson said something in her session that stuck with me: "Everything you have right now is everything that you need". 

I walked away from hearing every speaker wiping tears and smeared mascara. God is moving and shaking up the internet for His glory and it's an HONOR to be a part of that!!

I'm still processing everything I walked away with, and it will be a while before it fully sinks in. God is calling me to step up a bit more for my family. I have some big projects I'm taking on (hint, hint: I'm doing a lot more writing...). I'm so thrilled about the encouragement, affirmation and straight up love I received this past weekend.

#Influenceconf: you complete me.

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A few of my people. This doesn't even scrape the surface of the people that impacted me in a huge way this week! (from left to right, top to bottom)

Jessi | Moriah | Kate | Carrie Nathalie | Natalie | Diana | Julie