#31days: being intentional beings

31daysblog The Lord has been putting this word on my heart for the last year.


We were made to be intentional, life-giving, purpose driven people. We were created for community. For each other. For Him.

After praying through how God could best use everything He's put on my heart about community & being intentional, I felt clearly that I was to write more about it. But, the only way I could write about it, was to LIVE it. Actually step out and do the things He was placing on my heart for what genuine community looked like. To be that intentional, life-giving person.

For 31 days I will write here about what it means to be intentional. We will look at different areas of our lives and ways we can specifically be intentional beings to live fully for His glory.

And hint, hint...you will soon see a bit of this in an ebook I'm writing about community. Yup, that's right!!!!

I'm joining The Nester and thousands of bloggers in this fun and exciting 31 days series. Stick around and follow the entire journey here!


Also, a HUGE thank you to the sponsors of this series! (aka, the people buying the fruit loops for my kids so I can have something to throw at them while I'm writing)  Check out their amazing blogs/shops! It's a joy to journey through this month with them!!

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