an "edge of my seat, easier but harder" season

You know those times when you feel on the edge of something exciting? I'm there right now. Praying through some things, looking forward to what is ahead and how God will set my passions into motion. I've been busy doing a lot of prep for The Influence Conference (THIS WEEK!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!), and there's a LOT stirring in my heart lately. While in the staging area of what is ahead? I've been focusing on being more intentional with my girls. We are entering into an "easier but harder" stage with the kids. Mak is crawling and Jess & Zo are just inseparable. I lose poor makenzi about 12 times a day in the disaster that her sisters leave behind and she's already found Zo's potty a couple of times so you can imagine how that ended up.

Easier but harder! They sure are fun though. Completely content to spend hours wrestling on the floor with daddy and cracking up at one another. Jessi is becoming more and more independent. Watching her turn into a little lady is such a joy! She's about done with naps, so I've been getting a little more focused time with her every day which we both love. Zoey is obsessed with princesses and went on her first trip to the Disney store last week and I was sure her eyes would pop out of her head. Mak is just exploring and taking everything in. She turned 7 months this weekend and I can't believe how fast this year is flying by!!!

life-2life-1 life-3

In two days I will leave my fam for FIVE days to go to the conference! I'm so excited to see my friends and learn from my peers. It sure will be hard to say goodbye to these cuties!

Linking up with my friend Blair (who just had her baby!!!) today for Life Lately!