a totally epic colorful birthday!

I'm one of "those moms" when it comes to my kid's birthdays. I'm obsessed. But the more children I have, and the more birthdays we celebrate...the less I've been doing. Most likely it's the lack of energy to do anything since I'm chasing them all day! I think I started planning Jessi's 1st Birthday Party when she was about 6 months old. So about two weeks ago, I was sitting at my dining room table (with little people running amuck around me) and realized Zoey's birthday was sneaking up. So I whipped open photoshop and threw together an invite in about 20 minutes. ::pat on the back:: So yeah, the past couple of weeks I've been (quickly) throwing together a 2 year old's birthday party like a mad woman! We had the party last weekend and it was wonderful. Zo had a blast and felt so special. Mission accomplished!

Introducing: Zoey's totally epic colorful 2nd birthday 

color party!party1party2party3party12party10 party4party5party9party8party6party7 party13



Rainbow Cake: white box cake (gasp!), 6 in cake pans & a lot of food coloring! Homemade buttercream frosting & sprinkles galore!

Kid Fun: I made chocolate cupcakes for the kiddos and did a rainbow of icing colors and all kinds of fun toppings. They kids decorated their own cupcakes and got to eat them! They loved this hands on fun and got a yummy treat out of it! At the end of the party, we had a silly string fight! (Our dollar tree had silly string for $1 a can so it was much cheaper!!)

Food: We had the party at 9am, so we had sprinkle donuts, fruit, cake pops & cupcakes, Coffee and lemonade. Simple and perfect! The kids also LOVED the milk shots! (Use melting chocolate to dip the rim of the glass and then dip in sprinkles. It was perfect...but beware of sprinkle unibrows!)

Decor: All things bright and colorful! My favorites were the little rainbow centerpieces. Fill a vase with marshmallows and create a rainbow from rainbow twizlers! Any bright and colorful candy added a great touch. I went "less is more" with this party and it turned out great. Bright colored table cloths from party city brought in a lot of pops of color too.

Invite: That thing I threw together in 20 minutes and mailed out? Yup! Sorry, Zo! I promise I spent more time on your 1st Birthday!!


Happy 2nd Birthday ZoZo!!!