Makenzi Hannah - 6 Months!!!

I blinked. And six months FLEW by. It's true about it going faster with each baby! I feel like I just had her last week and some days wish she was still a teeny squishy baby that slept on my chest all day. But, she is SO much fun! This is my favorite pre-mobile baby stage, and we are having a blast. She's a constant stream of smiles, giggles and babbling. Her little personality is amazing and her joy is contagious! She is so close to crawling it's scary, but she just can't wait to keep up with her sisters! Her favorite things: sophie the giraffe, squealing, being outside, waking mommy up at 5am and basically anything involving her big sisters.

Enjoy some 6 months pics of our precious girl!  6moblog1 6moblog66moblog76moblog36moblog26moblog56moblog46moblog96moblog8