planning for influence

mom+bloggerI've been praying over and preparing for my upcoming workshop I will be leading at The Influence Conference next month (eeeeek, next month!!! can I get an AMEN!?!?!). I feel like the Lord has put a huge responsibility on me for what I will be sharing and a huge burden on my heart for the moms of the Influence Network. I have a passion for seeing moms thrive (shameless plug!!), and I'm thrilled out of my mind that I will be able to share all that God has put on my heart with these ladies at the conference. My workshop is called "Mom+Blogger: the balancing act". Doing the two things really is a balancing act, is it not? Balance on so many levels: in deciding boundaries with blogging, finding the time to intentionally pour into it and really make an impact on the "mom blogging" community.

So, today I want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let's pretend we are sitting at a coffee shop together and you have my undivided attention.

What are some questions you would ask about balance, privacy, sharing your story, boundaries, etc. in "mommy blogging"?