Veggie Tales Movie Night! {MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle}

I'm all for practical jokes. I've pulled off a few in my life that I'm pretty proud of (and probably a few I'm not so proud of!). The newest Veggie Tales movie takes us to the middle of the silliest battle ever held between two tribes of pranksters. They are about to pull the biggest prank of all when the tribes are put in danger! Danger of stinky cheese!! MacLarry has always been a bit of an outcast but finds that his talents may be just what are needed to save everyone! We loved the music and humor that Veggie Tales always brings, and of course a great lesson! We are taught the importance in getting along with others and being true to who we are. When MacLarry stays true to himself and uses the talents God gave him, it helps everyone! Spoiler Alert: they learn to work together and get along! What a great lesson for kids to come together and learn!

We invited our best friends over for a fun movie night so the kids could watch the movie together! They had a blast and really enjoyed the movie! I think they might have enjoyed the popcorn a little bit too. 3 families = 9 kids. We multiple. A lot.

movie3movie1 movie2 movie4


MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle releases TODAY (July 30th)

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