ABC...God Loves ME! {a giveaway}

It's such a joy to watch your children begin to talk and learn. Since it seems like every single toy sings some version of the "ABC's" it really doesn't take long for them to catch on. I remember my now 3.5 year old riding in the car at around 18 months and trying so hard to sing her ABC's. She was so determined, and it was so adorable! And now she's teaching her little sister how to sing that precious song. But now we are moving on to letter recognition. This is when it becomes a little tricky and I realized I could take the boring route "a is for apple", or I could be sneaky and teach her about how much God loves her too! I choose the sneaky route!


I absolutely adore this book "My ABC of God Loves Me" from Thomas Nelson. A bright and colorful alphabet book and relating each letter to a truth about God. Instead of just learning that A is for apple or airplane, A means that God is AMAZING! I also love the graphics on each page and how there are recognizable pictures of things (like a toy airplane on the A page!) so your little one will connect items they see in every day life to the letter but also hear the truths about God as you read to them!

I have to admit though, I think my girl's favorite part of the book is the little carry handle. It's like a purse!! :)

We are loving this new book and I think it will be great for years to come too! It's great for my almost two year old and I'm sure they will still love it in a few years when they are learning to read!


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