oops, we potty trained zoey

zopt1 I had no plans to even attempt to potty train Zoey until closer to the end of the year. Since she's a stubborn little thing, I just assumed that it would be horrible with her and I'm a big believer in just allowing them to take the lead on it.

Well, my crazy girl decided she was ready. She turned 22 months on July 2nd, woke up July 3rd and decided she was all grown up.  She looked at me and said "diaper OFF! panties ON!" So, that's what we did. I sent Brook to the store to get the potty training supplies, and I was armed with juice, treats and extra caffeine for mama!


I had a plan to go for it just like I did with Jessi, which was actually super easy now looking back. (Jessi potty trained at 23 months) So the first day of potty boot camp, I was ready. IT WAS AWFUL. She was a nightmare. Refused to wear clothes and wouldn't sit on the potty. So basically I followed her around cleaning up after her all day. NOT. FUN.

So, I made up my mind that she wasn't ready and begged her to wear diapers. This nightmare went on for about a week. I finally got her back to mostly wearing diapers and had resorting to duct taping the diaper on my crazy little nudest (I consider that one of my better parenting decisions!).

Then, one day it just clicked. She figured out she could sit on the potty to use it and if she didn't pee all over herself it wasn't quite so disgusting. I am so proud of her! She has now gone 3 days with no accidents!

I hate that I doubted my own child, but she's so stubborn I think she just needed to prove me wrong!

You go ZoZo!