the messy, sticky & piled up pieces

This week I did about 57 loads of laundry. I lost count somewhere around 8 (so it was probably more like 8).Isn't laundry just the worst? I don't think I've ever heard a mom say "I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY! STINKY CLOTHES ARE MY FAVORITE!" And if you do say that, then you are welcome to come over any time and take over laundry duties for me!

In this last round of laundry it was time to move the girls all up a clothing size. I've been shoving my little chunky almost-five-month old into 0-3 month clothes long enough (sorry Kenz). And Zoey was clearly outgrowing everything I put on her also, so it was just time. I may have shed a few tears while I packed up that box of newborn clothes.

As I folded each piece remembering the special times that each of my girls wore certain outfits, and remembering how tiny each of them were. It made laundry seem not quite so bad for a moment or two. Looking at those teeny tiny baby clothes. That went on my teeny tiny girls.

My precious gifts. I still stop myself several times a day and say "whoa, I have THREE kids." It's like I blinked and opened my eyes and they just appeared. These little miracles.

My days can be incredibly long, and sometimes Brook is gone from the time they wake up and doesn't get home until long after bedtime. Those days where I literally feed them peanut butter and jelly 3 meals a day. And we are lucky if any of us brush our teeth or have a clean bowl to eat our cereal and peanut butter from (praise the Lord for paper plates!!!).

There is something about after they go to bed, and I finally sit in the quiet that I realize what a joy my messy home is. And I can't help but praise God and thank him for the laundry, the sticky floors and teeny tiny baby clothes packed away in that box "just in case" because I can't bear to part with them.

And the messy, sticky and piled up pieces of my life are just perfect. They are exactly as they should be. Messy, sticky and piled up.

And then there are those defining moments as a parent that you will never forget.

We were driving in the car and Jessi said to me, "Mommy, did you know God made me? And He loves me!"  Yes baby, He sure does.

THAT is why the stinky clothes are worth every single load.

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Also, I'm not really sure why I do so much laundry when my children are naked 99.9% of the time.