it happened again.

Ugh. It hit again. I was doing SO good for a few weeks. I really thought I was over the hump of the post partum anxiety & depression. I felt great, finally felt back to normal. I was feeling like MYSELF. Excited to wake up every morning and was getting out a lot with the kids. Instead of laying on the couch and throwing a box of cheerios at them, I was making more of an effort to actually make them food and was excited about fun activities! Then last week happened. I don't know what it was about it that just sucked every bit of life out of me. I felt awful, and it just kept getting worse. The panic attacks returned and the depression is at an all time low. I could barely drag myself out of bed. The part that is so weird, is that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday and I really had a great week with the family! It's so horrible feeling so low and not being able to fully be myself!

I posted on instagram Saturday to please pray as I was battling with these intense feelings again, and once again I was so encouraged by your messages, emails, text messages. Thank you for reminding me what an amazing community you are and that I have really great friends to lean on in my time of adversity.

Enjoy some fun pictures today. They sure lift my spirits!


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