29 isn't so bad after all

When I was a kid, I remember thinking how old 30 sounded. I would hear people say they were turning "29 again" as if turning 30 was like entering old age or something. 30 was scary to me. And then I hit my 20's, got married, had a few kiddos, and now I couldn't be more excited about the 30's! Today I turn 29!

As I look forward to the last year of being a "20 something", I thought I should jump on the 30 Before 30 bandwagon and make a list of some things I would love to accomplish. Since I'm a list maker, it gives me some fun goals to look forward to! Being as busy as I am, I don't take much time for myself. I really want to try to accomplish this list and soak up the last year of my 20's! I'm striving to be more intentional and live every day to the fullest!


take a spontaneous road trip
lose 30 pounds
buy groceries for a family in need
find a mentor
become a mentor
get a massage
memorize a bible verse a month
dress up and go out to dinner somewhere fancy
mail 5 notes a month to friends
learn how to use our grill
go on a baby free trip with Brook
host a favorite things party with the girls
read a classic book
learn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls
write an ebook
take a girls vacation
become a certified carseat tech
refinish a piece of furniture
finish the girls baby books
help a stranger
learn how to actually use my camera
get my wedding ring tattooed on
deliver cookies to a friend each month
take a technology free weekend
find the perfect pair of jeans
go to see a drive in movie
attend a blog conference
see a live musical
learn how to curl my hair really well

try a food I’ve never had

Here's to a great 29th year!