blue doors, hard days & broken cars {life lately}

You know those weeks that just feel like a beating? You get to the end of the week and wonder how in the world you dragged yourself through and absolutely everything seemed to go wrong? Last week was one of those for me. Just an all around r-o-u-g-h few days. I apparently had a stomach bug to start the week off because I threw up for two days, so that was a joy. Although at the time I was convinced I was knocked up with #4. Yikes, mama's not ready for that!!!  Friday I went to spend the day with my parents, brother and my niece and my car died in the parking lot at Chuck E Cheese. 3 hours later after getting the car towed home, I finally got all my kiddos home safety thanks to one of my amazing friends who dropped everything to come rescue us! It was an all around nightmare! Turned out that my alternator went out, and hubby was able to replace it so that saved us quite a bit! Thanks hubs! 

It's always funny because even through those really tough weeks, I look back through my pictures and realize we had a lot of fun!! Filled with friends, playing outside, successful outings with all three kids, lots of hugs and kisses.

So really...I guess my week wasn't so bad after all!! 

Plus? I painted my front door! And that just makes me smile!!


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IMG_7439 IMG_7510

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