makenzi: 3 & 4 months

Poor third baby. It's just sure not like the first where you take a picture every 5 seconds and go crazy over every little thing they do. This kid is lucky I remember her birthday at all! Ok, it's not that bad. But I sure don't have the time (or energy) to blog about every spit up, roll over and coo. So here's a 3 & 4 month update jam packed into one post! Woo! (Sorry Mak if you're reading this as an adult and in therapy because of me! I am totally crazy about you!!) 3-months

We are starting to get into the super fun baby stage. Full of smiles, laughs, and joy. The big girls are loving watching her do new things, and it's so fun to see Kenz light up whenever she sees her sisters. We still aren't sleeping through the night (boo!) but at least she's super cute, right??


A few of my favs from the past couple of months!

IMG_6894 IMG_7113IMG_7212 IMG_7335