summer projects {life lately}

In winter, I hibernate. In summer, I project. When the weather starts getting a little warmer, I get the itch to change and redo everything. This summer I've set out to work on some home makeovers. There's something about a to do list that gets me all giddy. Being a stay at home mom, you don't see many things to completion. You clean the house, but it doesn't stay clean for more than 5 minutes. I like to have projects that I can see from start to finish and feel good about. It's kept me busy and been quite therapeutic also! IMG_7222 IMG_6725 IMG_6779 IMG_6826 IMG_4947 IMG_6752

A few of the bigger projects so far included new flower beds, newly painted kitchen and recovered barstools & painted and transformed dining room into play room! Up next: painting master bedroom & front door! Woo! flower-beds kitchen playroom

Do you get the itch for change in the summer time? What projects are you working on?

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