parenting girls: the battle with modesty

If I've learned anything about parenting - is the fact that it's hard. Every stage has it's challenges, and every day is new and different. And being a mom to all girls definitely has it's challenges. I've been thinking a lot lately about raising my girls. When you have your babies and they are little you're so busy with diapers, spit up & ABCs you don't think much about what is ahead. It seems like every time I'm out with my girls, someone makes a comment about how tough the teen years will be. As if I don't know the amount of hormones and drama surging through my home?? We are already deep in drama!

Something I battle with a lot is raising these girls in a culture that prides itself on plastic surgery to enhance, starving ourselves to be tiny and then using practically nothing to cover up said parts. I see teenage girls out and about and just want to go cover them up! It's horrifying what our society says is "beautiful"!

But where does this true beauty of a woman start? I believe it starts with the heart, and most importantly I think it begins with my heart. Is my heart in the right place? Am I honoring myself and my body for God's glory? I have to live out what I want my girls to become.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Above ALL else. For EVERYTHING flows from it. The heart. It all comes back to the heart issue.


I want to teach them that modesty can mean more than turtlenecks and sweatpants. I want them to know that God created us as woman to be beautiful creatures. He gave us curves and made each one of us perfectly beautiful in His image. And there is nothing wrong with that! It's possible to be modest and protect their hearts and minds without wearing a mumu to the mall!

I want them to be respected by men. I think a lot of times we fault men for how attracted they are to women and blame them for this. But didn't God also create man in His image? He created woman for man to be attracted to. This was His design. His perfect plan. And unfortunately that's where the sin nature comes in. Satan takes our bodies and a man's mind and twists it and perverts it.

So what does teaching modesty look like? Honestly, I'm not quite sure yet. But I'm glad that it's something I'm beginning to think and pray about so I can begin to figure out how to teach this to my precious girls!

How do you teach modesty to your girls? Or if you have boys, how do you guard their hearts and minds??