the flood gates opened

You guys. I'm struggling to even form the words to express how overjoyed my heart is at this moment. When I had this dream so long ago about bringing moms together in community, I had no idea what that meant. So I kept moving forward with my little mommy blog, hoping to be a bit of inspiration and encouragement to struggling moms. Which is basically everyone. If you are a mom and NOT struggling in some way, then I would love to talk to you because you're a super hero or something. Anyway - when I was chatting with my friend Nathalie one day it just came to both of us. We needed to create a place of belonging for moms. A place they could come for support, prayer, encouragement, inspiration and community. We prayed over this and worked our tails off to make it just right. I hoped that we would at least get a few people interested in it so it didn't feel like it was a huge waste of time.

Only 3 days after launching, I'm completely blown away. The flood gates opened. You guys poured your hearts out to us, desperate for prayer and to feel that you aren't alone in your journey.

You are not alone in your journey.  Not at all. 


We hope that Thrive can become just that for moms. A place to feel loved. A place of understanding.

You know when you walk through the grocery store with children hanging off your cart, your greasy hair matted to your head and spit up on your shirt? Come on, you know you've been there. And you see another mom and you meet eyes with that "I know how you feel" look? That's what we are here for. That look that makes you just want to run and hug her and tell her she's fabulous and confide in her with the struggles and joys of motherhood.

Thank you for your support my sweet family of readers. It's your encouragement that pushed me to take this step of faith to begin what is going to be an amazing journey of ministry to moms in all walks of life.

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