finding refreshment as a new mom

It's so easy as a mom to slip into the yoga-pants-no-make-up-haven't-showered-in-five-days black hole. We can't remember our own name most of the time, not to mention the last time you took 10 minutes to take care of yourself. We struggle to find out who we are as a new mom, and sometimes the reality that we will never be the same can be tough to face. It's so important to let go of those expectations that our old lifestyle will return, and embrace this new and amazing journey we are on! But, it can be so incredibly difficult too. We lose sense of who we are as women, wives and friends. How can we be intentional about making sure we don't detach ourselves from reality and slip deeper into that black hole?

I've found that when I take a few minutes for me, it sets my day in a completely different route. And trust me, I've had my fare share of exhaustion packed days as a mom with three under three!! After recently having my 3rd baby girl, and suffering from post partum anxiety & depression, I'm finding that taking a few moments a day for ME, can make or break my entire day. I get asked a lot how I manage everything and still keep (a bit) of my sanity, so I'm thrilled to share some of my favorite tips with you on finding refreshment as a new mom!


Get up early and work out, have quiet time or just get in a shower. I personally find this one difficult because I'm not a morning person, but I know some moms that are great at it! And their day starts off just right!

Plan a regular outing with a group of friends. Meet once a week or every other week. Get in normal clothes, put make up on and drink pretty drinks! Feel like a woman and be encouraged.

Intentional nap time. Even if this means laying on the couch and staring at the ceiling fan. Make plans to rest. Paint your nails. Take some time to do something to make you feel better! Use that 10 minutes, 2 hours or whatever those babies give you and use it well!

Curl your hair! Curls add some beauty, style and not only lift roots, but spirits! When I feel depressed, adding some curls always brightens my day!

Put on some pretty shoes. This may sound silly, but sometimes all it takes is something girly and fun to make us feel beautiful and new again!

Non-negotiable date nights. Even if those are just at home with a huge bucket of popcorn and a movie on netflix, just do it. Take some time to focus on each other as husband and wife. Don't forget to cultivate that relationship when you're spending your days pouring into your babies!

Be protective of your time. Since your time is not your own any more, be protective of the time you do get! What calms you and refreshes you? Roaming aimlessly at Target? Do it!! (Ok, just me?)


Take time for you. Leave guilt at the door and remember that you can be a better mom when you are the best YOU. Each season you walk through will be different and have it's own highs and low. Embrace each individual season and find what fits your schedule to help you feel like the best you.

What are you doing for YOU this week?