growing pains

My biggest girl loves secrets and surprises. There's nothing more fun than to tell her you have a surprise for her and watch her giggle and squirm with joy until she sees what you have in store for her. I can't get enough of the excitement she has for the little things and special moments. Yesterday Daddy took the bigs out for donuts and to play at the park so I could clean house. {We won't talk about how long it's been since I've cleaned. Whoa.} As they came running in the door after their time out, she couldn't WAIT to tell me all about their outing.

"Mommy, I have to tell you a SECRET!!!!!!" she whispered so quietly and so happily.

And in her tiny voice she went on to tell me about slides and sprinkle donuts and how ZoZo was scared of the ducks. Every detail her little memory could recall, she spilled it all. As I sat down to get right on her level and took her little hands in mine while she talked, I was her whole world at that moment. She was so thrilled to share her secrets and the adventure of her day.

It made my heart jump for joy and ache at the same time. 


She's growing. We are both growing.

Just three short years ago I was holding her in my arms as my tiny baby, and now she's exploring the world and full of adventure. How did that happen so quickly? But also just three short years ago I was a brand new mommy so unsure and so scared of what was ahead.

We both have grown so much. 

I've been having some growing pains lately. And I'm doing a LOT of growing. A lot.

I'm striving to be content with where God has us, and the plan He has for us. It's not always easy, and it hurts to be stretched and grown. Sometimes growing really hurts, and lately that is the truth. But it hurts so good.

God is using my pain and turning it into something beautiful.

Are you allowing Him to use your pain? Are you turning your growing pains into something beautiful?