two months of makenzi

2monthsmak I'm not really sure where the last two months have gone. Those first few weeks are always a complete and total blur, and this last month has been a bit of a nightmare with the PPA. I'm clinging to these moments and cherishing these days.

Her big sisters adore her. So so much. Kenz loves to sit up in my lap and watch them play. She lights up when Jessi talks to her. Adorable. And sleep? Oh, she's a rockstar. 6-8 hours a night. (Go ahead and throw things at me, I know how lucky I am!)

These past two months have been difficult. Adjusting to three has been slow, but we are getting into a routine. I'm so thankful for Makenzi and all she is to our family. I wish I could freeze time and keep her teeny for a little bit longer! There something about how you cherish each baby a little bit more.

In this season of being overwhelmed & stressed, God is doing a big work in me. He's stretching my heart as a mom and as a wife. He's teaching me what it's really like to lean on Him fully and put my ideals of myself aside. I love how even in the most difficult of seasons, you can learn the most. I wouldn't trade it, because I wouldn't have this time with my angel baby who I adore so much!

What is God teaching you in the good and hard seasons?