my everyday

Just 4 short years ago I was working 50-60 hours a week. My world revolved around my husband, our walks on the beach and my events that I was planning at work. It was a wonderful time in our life and our marriage. We had just made it through the first year of our marriage, and it was a wonderful year. We didn't have that typical struggle through the first year that a lot of newlyweds have. We thrived through that year and became closer than ever. Now my everyday is different I work 12-16 hour days with three babies attached to me. They need me constantly. When my sweet husband walked in last night from work at 8:30, he handed me a snowcone and took the baby. I had spend every moment of the day with someone in my arms. (That man is a SAINT)

So yes, my everyday is different. Different is good. Different is different.

I spend my days wiping butts. A lot of butts. (Oh....good thing they are cute!) I put pigtails in hair and play hide-n-seek.

If I had a dollar for how many princess stickers I peel off my wood floors? I'd have a lot of dollars.

My body has gone through a beating in 4 years. 3 babies. That's a beating. Like a hit by a truck kind of beating.

My mind is not well, and I take a little green pill every morning to help me stay calm and not get overwhelmed. Different.


My everyday has changed, but it's changed for the best. My husband is still by my side. He adores me and supports me though the most difficult season of my life. He's the kind of man who holds my hand while I cry for no reason, and lets me sleep in every morning while he feeds our big girls breakfast. He doesn't complain once. That's the kind of man I get to share my life with. I am one blessed woman.

So yes, my everyday is hard. It's not what it used to be. But it's filled with three little girls who adore me and their amazing daddy. So I may spend my time breaking up hair pulling fights and never sleep all night, but it's worth every moment.

My everyday is perfect.

Are you savoring your everyday?