oh happy {mon}day

Happy Monday sweet friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can't thank you guys enough for the outpouring of love and encouragement you showed me after I was so vulnerable last week. It's been your kind words, the incredible encouragement of so many friends and family and my husbands patience that has gotten me through this last week. Oh, and grace. Lots and lots of grace. Some exciting news today!

Over at The Influence Network blog, they are announcing the workshops that will be offered at the conference. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to lead a workshop on the balancing act of being a mom & blogger. I'm excited to share my heart on blogging and how as a mom you have such a voice and an opportunity to share Jesus with your circles of influence. We will touch on some practical things like protecting your family, and balancing every day life while maintaing a blog. I hope and pray this will mostly be an encouraging time to meet with other moms and know that we are all in this journey together.

Head over and check out all of the workshops! They are going to be incredible!

How about some fun pictures to brighten your Monday?? This spring Jessi has been playing soccer. It's her first organized activity to do, and it's so stinking adorable. She's not really into actually playing, but she still thinks it's super cool and it's fun to watch her run around with her little friends. We were able to get her and her BFF Mia on the same team so they have fun together. Enjoy!