introducing: the baby companion

Confession: I'm not a book reading mama. Someone gave me a certain baby book (we won't go naming names) when I was pregnant with Jessi and I remember sitting to read it and actually laughing out loud. Basically, it wasn't for me. In no way do I think using "methods" are wrong parenting, it's just not my style. I'm an instinctive parent. A heart parent. I go with the needs of each of my kids, and do what my gut tells me.

But that doesn't mean I had all the knowledge. I still use google on so many occasions to ask "why does my baby's poop look like that" or "is it normal behavior for my toddler to stash goldfish in my shoes". You know, the typical things all parents wonder.

Even after 3 kids, it's a new experience each time. All three of my babies had different needs, different sleep schedules and there were always different concerns. It's like a brand new adventure each time around.  

When Jessica told me they were writing The Baby Companion, I was so excited. The idea of bringing medicine+faith together was brilliant! Instead of a book telling you how to parent your children, it gives the facts and ways to pray over yourself and your child through each step of that first year.

Becoming a mom can be scary, whether its your first or twenty first time. After having my second, I really understood there is no such thing as cookie cutter parenting. My girls were so very different. And then 7 weeks ago we added girl #3 and she is her own tiny person as well.


I love that The Baby Companion talks about all the things such as immunization, sleep training, breast vs bottle. We need to know our options as moms so we can make the best educated decision for our family. But for me, the most big part is the heart. Learning how to pray over my babies and what I should be looking for in my own heart as a mom who has just gone through the incredible difficult journey of becoming a mom. That's what I need {but the medical stuff is super awesome too, duh!}.

Want to know the REALLY cool part about The Baby Companion?? I was asked to share a bit of my story to go in the book. There are stories from all sorts of moms sharing their story to make sure us as moms know we aren't alone. Maybe you are an adoptive mom, a military mom or have a child with special needs. Or maybe you are like me and have your babies really close together! There are short stories of encouragement+grace throughout the book!

I hope if you choose to read any baby book, you choose this one. 

How about I share with you my little story from the book?

mystoryTBC The-Baby-Companion

Go here to purchase your very own copy! To celebrate the release of the book, I'll be giving away two copies of The Baby Companion this week!

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