jessi's third birthday

I'm always a bit of a birthday over-doer. As a planner, it's kinda hard not to be. I love planning and throwing parties for my kids, but it's getting more difficult as we seem to keep having babies every other month. We made the decision to have big 1st & 2nd parties, and then start doing big parties only on their even years (4,6,8,etc.). Since we were going to have a 4 week old on her birthday, I knew I wouldn't have the energy to put into her party like I always do. But a few days before her birthday I started feeling super guilty. How could I not do something special for my baby?? My firstborn?? So I gave in and put together a simple spur of the moment party for her.

Donut shop birthday party idea was born. Ok, this was genius I have to admit. I called ahead and reserved plenty of sprinkle donuts (her fav) and we got there a few minutes early to throw a table cloth and some fake flowers on the table.

She loved it!! Getting to eat donuts with her friends made her 3rd birthday so special!!

I still can't believe I have a three year old!

birthday5  birthday6







This is her last minute invitation I put together! I made it iPhone size so I could just text it out to everyone! Sorry anyone who doesn't have an iPhone, but you're working with an apple family, so deal with it :)

We'll go ahead file this under my recent brilliant ideas. Happy Birthday Jessi Girl!