seek his face always.

I struggle. Just like all of you do. At the end of the day I breathe a sigh of relief that I made it to bed time in one piece. Then I collapse on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and mindless tv or my computer, usually both. I seek my encouragement from my fellow mamas in the trenches with me. But I've got it all wrong. 

Last night as I was getting frustrated with my poor 19 month old who thinks it's hilarious to kick her newborn baby sister (my oh my, what is it with middle children??), I needed encouragement. So many times I will run to twitter and beg for someone to encourage me by venting about my day.


Instead of running to the twitters, I ran to the word. 

Begging: "Lord, please encourage me. Show me your face and give me strength." 

And not-so-shockingly it came through for me. The words jumped off the screen (because who uses those paper bibles these days? Ok, maybe some of you. That's cool too.) I was reminded by some really encouraging words.

"Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always." 1 Chronicles 16:11

ALWAYS. Seek his face always. When you are up to your elbows in poop. When the kids are fighting non stop. When your head is pounding from the lack of sleep. When nothing makes sense.

Always. Seek his face always.


It's that simple. Are you seeking His face always before running to other sources of strength?

Run to Him first, and then you can be an encouragement to others that it's possible to handle anything.