our easter

We had a fabulous Easter with my family! We hunted eggs, made birds nests, planted flowers, ate yummy food and most importantly, celebrated the resurrection of our Lord! The girls had a blast playing together and spending time with family. Oh, and that time that I left a piece of chocolate in Zoey's Easter basket on the way home from the egg hunt? Oops. That was a giant, hilarious mess. 

Enjoy a huge photo dump today and a little fun yummy activity to do with the kids!! It doesn't even have to be Easter to do this one!

easter1 easter2 easter3 easter4

easter6 easter7 easter8 easter9easter10

nests zonests

easter11easter12 easter13

easter14Chocolate Birds Nests

(Makes 4 birds nests, increase recipe for the amount you need)

INGREDIENTS 4oz chocolate 1 cup small chow mein noodles Coconut shavings Food Coloring Egg Candy (we used Reece's Pieces Eggs)

DIRECTIONS  1) Melt Chocolate 2) Stir in noodles 3) Divide mixture into muffin tins and allow to set (put in the freezer to help with this process) 4) Add food coloring to coconut shavings, or just leave it white

Let the kids add the grass and eggs!

If your kids are older, they can help with forming the eggs, but this is a great fun thing for even tiny toddlers! A simple and fun craft for any age, and then they get to eat it when they are done! 

easter15 easter16 easter17

It was a great weekend.

How was yours?