when your uterus begs for a break.

Sometimes motherhood is just hard. This week was one of those times. Over the weekend my stomach started feeling sore, I thought maybe I had twisted funny and pulled something. Monday we celebrated Jessi's birthday so I was distracted and ignored it. By Monday night I could barely move the pain was so intense. I'm one of those people that doesn't listen to my body and pushes through to take care of my family. Sometimes causing more trouble for me. 

Tuesday morning I called my doctor's office first thing and told my doctor what was going on. I'd been having horrible headaches for weeks and now intense pain in my c-section incision. She wanted to see me immediately, assuming I was just overdoing it.


Turns out my uterus was very infected. Yikes.

The swelling and infection was causing a lot of pain that felt very similar to the pain after having a c-section, which had made me think it was an infection from my surgery. After an ultrasound and exam, everything looked pretty normal so she gave me a shot and sent me home with antibiotics. My headaches seem to be hormonal, so I'm on some meds to try to help those as well.

On top all that off? Jessi had pink eye this week. Zoey has been coughing for a couple of weeks, and I had brushed it off as a cold. We went to the doctor this morning and turns out she's had bronchitis. I can't believe I let my baby be sick for two weeks!!!

Where's my mom of the year award? 

Thankfully at 3am last night, God showed me some promises that put my heart at peace while I wait for healing.


Having babies is no easy task. And after 4 years of abuse to my uterus it's screaming "GIVE ME A BREAK!"

I think I'll do just that. And rest in the fact that He has given me victory over my body and is the healer and protector of my precious girls.

My uterus and I are very happy about that.