she is three.

Today my baby is three. The girl that made me a mama. The one that stubbornly wouldn't come into the world on her own and made me wait 42 weeks. The one that fell in love with her daddy from day one. The same girl that looks just like me and her personality is so crazy familiar to my own.

We butt heads and have a blast together. We will fight our way through the teen years and then she will become my best friend all over again. I pray every day that God uses her type A personality for good, because boy oh boy He's got a big plan for her little life.

She fills our home with laughter and joy. Her sweet giggles are so contagious.


It's kind of a crazy thing becoming a mom for the first time. You go through an insane journey of pregnancy (and in my case with her, 32 weeks of puking). Then all of the sudden, the doctors hand you this tiny baby (or in her case a 10lb toddler baby). You are responsible for this life, for this person. For making sure all their fingers and toes stay intact so they don't hate you someday. And then out of nowehere, that tiny baby turns into a person.

A walking, talking, decision making person.

It's a horrifyingly wonderful experience, is it not?

jessnewborn{five weeks}

jessione{age one}

jessitwo{age two}

jess-three{age three}

Today my "baby" turns into a little lady. I have 15 more years of her at home to pour into her life and point her to Jesus. I will do the best I can every day to be the best mama for her, and I'm so thankful for the insanely wonderful job I have of doing so.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you with all of my heart, and am so thankful for the blessing you are!