makenzi: one month

Ok, time is SO unfair. How in the world has it already been a month since our sweet Makenzi joined us?? It just FLEW by. I want to freeze time and keep her teeny and squishy for a little bit longer. But I'm torn. I'm overjoyed to watch her thrive and grow, but at the same time I want to keep her tiny forever. So yeah, like I said. Time is unfair. She is the easiest baby EVER. So flexible and fun. I could hold her and snuggle her all day long if I could (let's be honest...some days I do). The "big" girls can fend for themselves, right?? So far having three has been pretty easy. I know I'm only a month in, but so far this has been a much easier adjustment than from 1-2 kids. Ask me again after I try to attempt an outing by myself with them though.

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