milk blessings

When I came to terms with my breastfeeding fate, it wasn't easy for me. It was heartbreaking. I know that many women can't breastfeed, so I made it my goal to be open and honest about my journey in hopes to offer support to those of you that have faced struggles similar to mine.

Never expecting anything in return. 

And then last week I received an email from a local mom. Someone whom I had never met, but had read my story.

And she offered her giant stockpile of milk. 
The Internet became so real and blessed me beyond what I could ever imagine.
That top row and two bottom rows are packed full of ounce after ounce of goodness! (That middle shelf is steak and hamburger meat. We aren't exactly vegetarians around here ;))
Our big wide world become super small when we discovered that we live just a couple of miles from one another, attend the same church and our husbands went to the same high school. Small world indeed! This precious woman, a new mom who had it on her heart to bless me. And boy did she ever!

My freezer is packed with enough milk to get Makenzi off to a great start. And my heart is at peace with my decision. 

I can never thank this sweet woman enough for what she did for me. As someone who exclusively pumped for one of my babies, I know the time and energy that goes into every single ounce. I pray that The Lord richly blesses their lives for this precious sacrifice she made for me.


Don't let the faces fool you, she is actually quite thrilled!!!