Influential Women Link Up

I'm excited to be linking up today with the Influential Women Link Up as a part of the Influence Network! Haven't heard of the Influence Network? Then head over here and check it out! I've kinda been a bad blogger/social media/onliney person lately. The last month of my pregnancy were just HARD on me and my body. I have two little toddlers that I chase around, so it was difficult when I couldn't even bend over my giant belly. Then I had this precious baby two weeks ago and I've been over the moon for her.

Needless to say, I haven't been able to pour into the Influence Network like I would have liked to since it started in January. I'm so stoked about this new adventure, and thrilled to be a tiny part of it. I'm going to be a community leader again this year and so excited to be on the team again this year! Last year it was such a joy to connect with others and be able to love on the Influence Conference attendees! What an honor!

So there's my excuse filled reasons for why you might not have seen me around the network much lately, but I promise you will see more of me than you may like in the future :)

Influence1Ashley, Moriah & Me (on the far right) at Influence 2012

Three random must know things about me:

1) My family is EVERYTHING to me. I adore my three girls and my amazing husband. They are my world.

2) I could live on bread, chocolate and sweet tea alone. I eat like a 3 year old. Which makes it pretty easy to feed me, but also means I'm not the healthiest human on the planet. Oops. #bringonmorechocolate

3) I'm super OCD. I was an event planner in my previous life (you know, before kiddos), so I'm all about details. I like to have everything in it's place, but also am learning to be flexible while I have three kids under 3!

4) I can't wait to meet YOU. Yes you. All of you. (oops, I cheated and did 4 things)

Come link up and meet some new friends!!