last week

Hello everyone! I'm back from my week off!  A huge thank you to my friends who took over my blog last week and gave me a little break to snuggle my precious newborn, recover from my c-section and adjust a little to life. I wish I could say I'm fully recovered and adjusted, but it's not that easy. I did get a lot of snuggles though!! This has been the hardest c-section to recover from {all three girls were sections}, so I've been moving slow and really sore.

Our week was filled with lots of snuggling, feeding, burping, sleeping and repeat. The girls are OBSESSED with their baby sister. They are literally trying to be on top of her all day long and she's learning to sleep through anything. They are great little helpers and love their sister to pieces!


My decision to not breastfeed has really been a good one. I'm thankful that I'm not struggling through that, but also really saddened by it at the same time. I desperately wanted to be able to nurse my babies, and it just wasn't in the cards for me. That is HARD. I cried my eyes out and had to pass her off to hubs to feed her that first time. Every time my milk lets down it breaks my heart. But I have a healthy and thriving baby. I'm not laid up on the couch with mastitis. My baby is GROWING!! I couldn't be more happy about that, even if it means I can't physically provide it for her.





Makenzi is an incredibly easy baby, and for that I'm so thankful. She sleeps great. GREAT. She usually goes to bed about 11 with us, sleeps until 3 and then until about 7. What newborn does that?!?! I'm so thankful for her sleep, because I'm dealing with all that post partum junk that isn't allowing ME to sleep. UGH. I forgot about this part of having babies, but it's so worth it.

Zoey turned 18 months and is just a BLAST. What a beautiful, ornery, silly, crazy little girl. She seems SO big now that she's a big sister. She's really talking a lot more now, and is always full of life. I don't think anyone in the history of the world has ever been as excited about a baby as she is about her baby sister.

Jessi is just a great big sister. The second she hears Kenzi crying, she goes running to give her a paci. She takes good care of her sisters and her mama. She and Zo are really becoming best friends and I'm so glad they have each other. I'm excited to see all my girls become best friends.




Oh, how I love them. So much my heart aches.