my baby break: a guest post from jessica

guest-posts I’ve been reading through The Baby Companion manuscript lately as we finish the editing process. As I read, I am prayerful that the words on each page would contain a message of peace and joy for mamas walking through baby’s first year. When I consider the feelings we want this book to invoke, I think about three secrets that I hope run through it’s pages. I call them “secrets” because not many books and websites talk about them. They don't talk about them because they are not black and white. These “secrets” will not reveal to you exactly how it should be done. They will not fix your problems (directly) but I believe they will allow you to thrive during the first year of your baby’s life.

3 Secrets to Thriving Through Baby’s First Year

1. Seek wisdom, not an answer.

Wisdom will look differently for each one of us. When we seek a sure answer to our dilemma as moms, we often miss out on what wisdom would say for our baby. It’s ok to seek advice and tips from other moms, books or on the internet. Just make sure you look for wisdom that is unique to your situation rather than the be all, end all answer that promises to fix your problem. Don’t be afraid to take some principles of one method and combine them with a principle of another. Find what works for you. Most of all, ask God to lead you every step of the way.

2. Be consistent, but remain flexible.

One of the most important pieces of advice you will hear is to remain consistent as you guide your baby through the first year. With eating, sleeping and developmental practices, it is very important to be consistent. What many people do not tell you is that you also must remain flexible. I realize this sounds like a dichotomy of advice. The truth is, motherhood requires more finesse and nuance than perhaps anything you’ve ever done in your life. As you seek consistency in your days but remain open to adjusting based on babies immediate needs, you will find a groove. Just remember that groove may look different from one day to the next making motherhood quite a dance.

3. Allow your confidence to come from God alone.

Not from your girlfriends, someone’s blog post or your mother in law. Motherhood is a show for an audience of ONE. Seek God’s approval and guidance and let your daily, in the trenches confidence come from him alone. Your friends or the author of that book you just read does not understand the ins and outs of your daily life with baby. Therefore, they could never fully validate you. Be confident that God will lead you and give you the wisdom and strength to thrive as a mom.

What secrets have you found helped you walk through baby’s first year?

----- Jessica blogs at Grace for Moms and is the Author of The Pregnancy Companion and soon to be released The Baby Companion.  You can connect with her on twitter or facebook!