my baby break: a guest post from Nathalie

guest-posts Hello lovely friends!  I'm so very happy to be here today.  I'm Nathalie and I blog at Project Afterbelly where I write a lot about my journey with the Lord in motherhood, family life, passion, and becoming the woman He wants me to be.

If you're a mom, I have a very special little sweet spot in my heart just for you.  Of course, I love you ALL, but  my heart burns for you mamas.  Mostly because I smack dab in the middle of it myself.  "It" meaning, all that comes with being called mama.

From the moment we discover we're expecting, we discover mamahood is indeed the hardest job we will ever love.

It is heart what it requires and in what it gives.

One moment we are gushing and overflowing with the amount of love we can barely contain for these tiny humans we call ours. And the next we are grieving little losses and little lasts.  The last time they nurse, the last time we rock them to sleep, the last time we hold hands as we walk down the street.

One moment we're reveling in the honor we feel to be teaching and caring for these precious little lives.

And the next, we are deeply saddened by our own sin and selfishness as we struggle to serve and give what is asked of us.

It's all heart wrenching...and we are ruined, are we not?  We will never be the same women we were before it all began.  And that's a good thing.

It's a myriad of emotions and it can be so overwhelming.  Especially if you're like me and pay a visit to several emotions within the duration of a day. ;-)

So, as I thought and prayed about what to share with you today on this sweet blog, what came to mind may seem a little out of the box. But I'm hoping you won't mind.  It would be a blessing to lift you to the Father today and write a prayer over you/us as we walk out this holy calling He has placed on our lives. That ok with y'all?


Your love never fails us.  Even though some days we feel as though we've failed or we haven't measured up to what we hoped we could be or accomplish, Your love never gives up on us.  I praise you and I thank you that You are always here.  Right here with us.  Never far from us.  Always hearing our cries.  Always knowing our needs.  Always caring about every detail of our comings and goings.

Thank you Jesus for Your sweet precious grace.  Your grace gets us out of bed in the middle of the night to nurse crying babies and pray away the monsters in the closet.  Your grace gives us the patience to say that thing we've already said 176 times...the 177th.  Your grace lovingly corrects us when we've said something we shouldn't.  Your grace helps us let go of expectations and hold fast to your faithfulness.  Your grace covers us, not because we're good moms, but because You are a good God.

Holy Spirit, teach us to listen to your whispers.  Help us to make space for you in this noisy chaotic sippy cup and sandbox world we live in.  Whether its boisterous laughing or scream-filled demands, we know you are speaking in the midst of it all.  Help us to hear you and recognize your voice.  Let your voice rise to the top of our pile of parenting books, favorite blogs, and friendly advice.  Let us seek to please only You.  May our ears be so tuned to the sound of Your voice that we begin to teach our children to listen to you too.

God, no matter what the day holds, lets us hold unswervingly to your truth.  Let us cling tight to Your Word that is powerful and sharp and can provide the wisdom we need to raise these children to know and love their Creator.

Lord, show us how to use the gifts and passions you've given us to better nurture and mother these little lives.  Show us how to carve our own path under your leadership.  Help us to be free from the pressures of seeking the approval of people, but to purposefully and intentionally parent our children in the way in which you tell us to.

And God, make us women after Your heart.  Help us to seek You first in all we do.  Help us to remember that before we are theirs, we are YOURS.

We so love you Jesus.  We know that without you, we are nothing.  We have hope because you are our hope.  You are our promise.  So we submit to you now and each moment to come.

In Your Holy and Magnificent Name,


I may not know you by name, but I do love and care for you, dear ones.  I pray His riches blessings on you today.

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