cradle rock {a giveaway!}

We are a music loving family. That's no big shocker. But as a music family, we are also very picky about our music (thanks to daddy for that!). So when it comes to kids music, it's usually the stuff that makes you want to throw up in your mouth. We were never big on lullaby music for our kids, because let's be honest...most of it is annoying! Thankfully when Jessi was a baby, she calmed the most to Coldplay and John Mayer. Go figure. Totally her mother's daughter. But Zoey loved lullaby tunes. So I was so excited when I learned about Cradle Rock! These are the coolest lullaby records you will ever hear! What a fun way to expose your little one to fun music that also soothes them!



Cradle Rock was created by David & Amanda Williams, who came up with the idea after listening to their baby's music through the monitor. They got tired of the same old "twinkle twinkle little star" and wanted to create something they wouldn't mind hearing all night long! I'm so thankful they did!

Go check out their web site all all the awesome albums they carry, and be sure and enter to win this pack below!!


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