a keepsake for your little ones!

I haven't been very good about keepsakes for my kids. Since we have our babies SO close together, it's one of those things I've sacrificed. They don't have baby books I've written in for them, that's basically what my blog is for. I take millions of pictures, and I hope that tells their story. I did make a first year book for Jessi and plan to make one for Zoey (when I get around to it and am not pregnant for a day or two). I always love finding really great and simple books to pass down to my girls. I have a few books that my mom has given me that were mine as a baby, and I hope to be able to do the same for my kids. Recently, I was introduced to this precious book from Thomas Nelson that is filled with verses, stories, songs and journal entry space. It's simple and adorable for your little ones to look at, but for parents to fill in for their little ones to have later.

1400315611.jpgLullaBible by Stephen Elkins

I've loved reading the stories and verses as I prepare to give birth to my third precious girl. I'm reminded what a blessing and joy she is, and praise God for His goodness in creating her so perfectly inside of me!

This book makes a great baby shower gift, or keepsake for you to pick up for your little one! It comes with a lullaby cd, and is just a perfect addition for your nursery!

What's your favorite lullaby you remember from your childhood, or do you have a special song you sing with your little one? Leave a comment telling me and you will be entered to win a copy of the LullaBible courtesy of my friends at Tommy Nelson!