a vlog, rambling, & messy motherhood link up announcement!

Hey there, how about a vlog? I'm linking up with Ashley @ 5ohWifey and Alissa @ Rags to Stitches. (Um, ignore the fact that I say "rags to riches" in this vlog, I didn't even realize I'd said that until I played it back. This pregnancy is slowly eating away at my brain) It's been so long since I've done a vlog, but I couldn't pass up linking up with two of my favorite gals! Enjoy, and happy friday!! Pssssst....don't stop at the vlog, the Messy Motherhood link up announcement is below!!!!


I'm also excited to announce the January Messy Motherhood Link Up! This has been a really hard month for me, and I'm surprised I'm getting around to actually doing the link up this month. So it's a bit ironic that we are going to talk about balance, since I have seemed to loose all sense of balance lately!

We would love to have you join us and link up next Tuesday with your posts on "Balancing It All". Whatever that might mean to you. Share your thoughts on how you balance life with kids and husband. Maybe you are a working mom who has a lot to juggle. Are you a pro at meal time prep and could teach us all how to do it? Share with us how you balance it all, and still maintain sanity (that's the part I'm dying to hear!!). Get those posts ready and link up on Tuesday!!!

Messy Motherhood Link Up will be on Tuesday, January 29th.  Topic for the month: Balancing It All