the final month

We are now within a month of meeting sweet Baby M! 30 days until we see her tiny little face. Until we kiss those little fingers and toes. Until we see if she looks exactly like her sisters, or maybe gets a bit more from her daddy than his ears and eyes. In the scope of things, that may seem like no time at all. But to a woman that is 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old and 1 year old it's an eternity. It feels like the next 4 weeks will drag by endlessly. I feel like every time I sit at the computer to actually blog or catch up on stuff, I stare at a blank screen and end up putting the same words on the screen over and over. I'm tired. I'm exhausted, I'm worn now. Same. Same. Same. 

I wish I had encouraging words for the mama out there that is 9 months pregnant and at her breaking point. But all I can say is go eat another bowl of ice cream and know it ends soon enough. I remember back on the last month of my 2 other pregnancies and how difficult they were. Especially with Jess when I carried her 2 weeks late.

I hope to get back into regular blogging, and it's been a nice couple of weeks taking a bit of a break from my computer.

I'm attempting to love this belly and soak it up while I love on my girls. Hard to believe so soon I will have 3 sweet little baby girls in my arms and making my heart so very full.