bump day - 31 & 32 weeks

So here's a fun story. Last week when I was 31 weeks, the day before we left on vacation, I took a shower, put make up and clothes on JUST for my belly pictures so I could get them posted. Then, I took my battery out of my camera to charge it for our trip. Aaaaaaand left it on the charger and didn't even get to use my camera on vacation. Talk about a bummer. So I couldn't pull the pictures off to post them either. Therefore, you get two weeks today. Lucky you.

I'm getting sooooooooo uncomfortable. I'm sure I was this way with my previous pregnancies, but I feel like this one is different because she's so low. I'm sure it has something to do with the two adorable toddlers I'm chasing all over the place too. I was started to get a little concerned a couple of weeks ago because she wasn't moving much, but she's made up for it this week. She. Doesn't. Stop. Although uncomfortable (and painful!) I love feeling her move and kick. So much fun!

Last night Zoey kept kissing my belly without being asked to. It was adorable. She's going to go NUTS over this baby. I can't wait to see how excited they are about their baby sis!