what a year {2012}

Another year has come and gone. Wow, did it just fly by or what?? It sure did for us. I tried to go through my instagram pictures from the year to choose a few favorites, but I ended up with 222 on my desktop. I'm thinking I'll just make a book of them, because this is just a few of the amazing times we had this year!

IMG_0200 copyIMG_0420 copyIMG_0484 copyIMG_0693 copyIMG_0837 copyIMG_1320 copyIMG_1400 copyIMG_1402 copyIMG_0013 copyIMG_0385 copyIMG_0517 copyIMG_1313 copyIMG_0754 copyIMG_1668 copyIMG_1739 copyIMG_1809 copyIMG_1856 copyIMG_2076 copyIMG_2569 copyIMG_2903 copyIMG_3465 copyIMG_3585 copyIMG_3818 copy19 copy

Some highlights of 2012  Pregnant with baby #3 Influence Conference Welcoming our precious baby niece into the world Watching my girls grow and turn into adorable little ladies Lots and lots of love

Looking forward to in 2013  Baby girl #3 joining us in February 5 year anniversary with hubs Starting a new business (yay!) My heart exploding in joy over my amazing family

It was a great year. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us and growing our family!

Happy New Year!